Hurricane Preparedness

As Hurricane season enters with a bang, many people forget about their networks or PC's during a national event. While life and limb are always a first concern, there should be steps that are taken if Bermuda becomes threatened by a hurricane.

Home Users

After sorting out your house first, here are a few quick and simple steps you can do to ensure that your pictures, music files and other data are safe should your home undergo any major damage.

  1. Backup your files! This should be a regular habit and there are many simple strategies and technologies available to make this a painless process. "You are as good as your last backup" is probably IT's most golden rule.
  2. Put your backup data in a waterproof sturdy box away from your computer. If you can store it at another location, all the better. This way if something does happen to your house and/or your computer, you at least have your data safe guarded.
  3. Unplug your computer. Do not plug it back in until after BELCO has issued an all clear for your area.
  4. If possible, place your computer in a spot that is above ground level, or at least off the floor in case of flooding.

Office Networks Note: many of the above rules apply.

  1. Backup your data. You should get a full backup of all of your servers and/or critical workstations before the event.
  2. Store the backups off-site in a safe location AWAY from your office. There are many services that provide backup tape storage and will pickup and deliver your backup tapes on a daily basis.
  3. If you have backup generators or a reliable backup power source for your servers that has been tested recently, you may wish to leave your servers online. Alternatively shut down your servers as near to the event as possible. Having the servers undergo a powerloss (Which is likely) while powered up can result in corruption of your data or system volumes, or open files. If you rely on external consultants to manage your IT needs, ensure that you call them to schedule these procedures ahead of time.
  4. Unplug your workstations and put them on the desk or somewhere off the ground. If there are desks near a window, move the computer equipment to an area less likely to undergo water damage should the windows break during the event. For the same reason, all paper work should be put in drawers as well.
  5. After the event, contact BELCO to ensure that power is stable before moving off generator power, or turning your servers back on.

These simple steps can save a lot of time in recovery after a hurricane has passed.
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