Panic Ware

All to often, typically while working on home user PC's, we see a program pop up without warning claiming that it has found hundreds of registry errors, or issues with your PC. Typically these programs are referred to as panicware.

Essentially they prey on your fears in order to first install them and second interact with them, while in most cases they bypass installed antivirus technology and allow more harmful virus into your system causing data damage or turning your PC into a spam zombie, sending out mass amounts of spam unbeknownst to the user. While there are some programs out there that are legitimate, their effectiveness is somewhat wanting in most cases.

Not stopping at just software, panicware also transcends to online services as well. There have been many cases of these services whereby, after payment, a remote technican load up their "management software" and do busy work, generally spinning their wheels while either not accomplishing anything or creating issues on your PC and then fixing them for an added cost. Several of these services have had class action law suits taken against them in the past, however more pop up.

Not all services or software that claim to optimise your system fall into this category though. Your best defence is education. Before spending any money or downloading software, know and understand what it does. Is it necessary? Do some research or call your regular IT service provider. If you still have questions, shoot us an email at info at and we can advise as needed. Most of today's operating systems have their own built in utilities which run at regular intervals and either fix or advise you of issues.

If you do have an issue, EAC is of course here to help. We can send someone to your house, or you can use our drop off service on North Shore Road in Pembroke. Email us at support at or call 296-3787

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