Pro Tip - Browser passwords and bookmarks


Browser passwords and bookmarks - Helpful or harmful?


The debate on your browser to keep your passwords in the last few years has become more heated.  While it's true that browsers have become more sophisticated in the last few years in terms of keeping your passwords, helping you generate new ones and syncing that information across multiple devices; we still take the old school approach to avoid having your browser handle this.  While ease of use is quite the dangling carrot for most people, remember that all that data is still being saved as a file to your computer, encrypted or otherwise.  If your system were to be compromised, copying that data from your computer to another would be simple for someone who's sole purpose is to get your data.  While your passwords might not be visible, your profile data, if stolen, would still suggest  your correct password to a website if entered on another computer.  Our advice...don't do it.  Find a better way to manage your password, for help see our previous weeks segment, Password Management.  

Similarly for bookmarks.  While incredibly helpful, especially with syncronisation across multiple devices, always remember to never use a bookmark or saved shortcut to access your bank, or other financial institutions website.  The reason for this is that is has long been a common practice for hackers to change the address of these bookmarks and shortcuts to a fraudulent site.  The end result is you confidently using the bookmark in question only to be taken to a website that looks just like your banks, only it has now trapped your username and password once entered.  Type out your banks website in the address bar, or if you do google search it, hover your mouse over the link and ensure the address is valid before clicking on it.

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