Pro Tip - Traveling


Traveling is difficult enough, however having your data compromised can make it worse.

 Our tips to avoid having your data compromised while traveling:

  1. Use VPN software on any wireless device when you are connecting to an unknown WIFI
  2. Connecting to an unsecured WIFI is never a good idea, however you need to be safe when connecting to a secured one as well (See step 1).
  3. Make sure you phone/tablet/laptop will not auto join unsecured networks.
  4. Turn on multi-factor authentication for your social media and email accounts.
  5. Avoid posting vacation pictures or advertising that you are on vacation on social media sites until after you have returned.
  6. Keep your devices updated prior to traveling, also backup prior to traveling as well.
  7. Turn off your bluetooth when not using it.
  8. Make sure you have antivirus software installed and it's up to date (Yes even if it's an Apple product).

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