EAC's Home Premium Service

EAC now offers premium hardware and antivirus monitoring for home users. We can now extend monitoring services, typically found in corporate environments to home users at an affordable price.

Monitoring is non intrusive and can alert us to potential issues before they become a problem, giving you peace of mind in the process.

The builtin antivirus uses dual scan technology allowing for a more complete antivirus solution with minimal impact to your PC.

Best of all, any issues are automatically sent to us creating a ticket in our helpdesk for the quick and dependable service you have come to depend on us for.

You can download the software today by clicking below for a quick way to request service. If you would like to upgrade to our Premium Home service, ask questions or request a service call hit our logo by the system clock of your PC and select Request a Call

For more information, feel free request by clicking here

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